WordPress Team Members Addon For Blox Page Builder

WordPress Team Members Addon For Blox Page Builder

You as a website owner only have a few seconds to make that first impression before your visitors leave the website. We have also conducted a little research regarding user behavior and come up with an advanced WordPress breaking news ticker which definitely enhances your user experience.

It is used to quickly provide the visitor with the most important news or announcement in such a way that allows us to grab their attention which makes them stay on the website. This addon is specifically created to work seamlessly with our leading WordPress based Blox Page Builder.
Easy To Install and Implement Using Drag & Drop
Easy To Install and Implement Using Drag & Drop Installation procedure for this WordPress breaking news ticker is really simple and out of the box. You just need to import it into your addon library with just a single click and you are good to go.

The Blox Page Builder provides an advanced drag & drop functionality through which you can easily place this addon on your web page anywhere you like. Whoa! It looks pretty effortless. Isn't it?
How It Works?
Its working is really straight forward as the news or information is added directly from the WordPress post category. So, what are you waiting for? Let's link a category to it and watch it handle everything for you.
6 Professional WordPress Breaking News Ticker Designs
In this addon you will get access to 6 different pixel perfect layout styles that looks professional and are ready to be used in any type of web application. Each design has its own plus points but practically they are well equipped to work in every scenario.

We have created these unique designs in accordance with the perspective of actual website visitor. This way you have to be sure that they will be pleased with this small but effective improvement in your website's user interface.
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Flexible Enough For Customization
We are always working hard to design our products in such a way that provides an unparalleled flexibility with ease of use. This addon also has a very intuitive user interface which simplifies your task and allows you to easily customize the heading as well as the color scheme to match your current web page style.
Advanced Slider With Buttons
This news ticker addon has its own built-in text slider which allows you to add multiple items to roll. It also has the next and previous buttons to help users quickly view any specific slide.
Support For Multiple Post News Tickers In One Page
I think you have got a little idea from the heading about what I'm going to say now. Actually that's true, you can add as many news tickers in your web page as you like and they will never interfere with each other. The reason behind this is that we have developed the code for this addon in such a way that it can function simultaneously with multiple instances together.
Coded With Latest Technology
To increase the usability of this post news ticker bundle we have coded it using the latest and modern technologies. It makes use of the popular languages such as: HTML5 and CSS3 which are the standard tools for creating cutting-edge web applications.

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